Is Cyber Stalking A Real Thing?

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On the digital frontier, stalkers have updated their weaponry and they are gunning for the unprepared. Cyber stalking is a criminal behavior which occurs when an individual uses the Internet to harass, humiliate, harm, or threaten someone. Cyber stalking crimes are classified as misdemeanor or felony crimes depending on aggravating factors which may include: possession of a deadly weapon, violation of a court order or condition of probation or parole, victim under 16 years, or repeatedly victimizing the identical person. Based on specific circumstances, these crimes are subject to punishment ranging from probation to ten years in prison.

Types of Cyber Stalking Grant Valkaria Bat Removal

Cyber stalking takes on many forms which may include sending victims harassing or threatening emails and text messages or posting personal, false or humiliating info on social media. In some cases these perpetrators may send viruses, spam attacks, and harmful programs via email to compromise or destroy the victim’s computer. Even more ominous are cyber stalkers who intend to find and confront their victim by obtaining personal information such as home and work addresses and telephone numbers.

Scope of the Issue

The Department of Justice reports that 6.6 million people are victims of stalking in the United States. More than 25% of stalking victims, report that they were harassed on the internet during their lifetime. The majority of these victims experienced considerable anxiety or fear and believed that they or someone close to them might be harmed or killed. Most victims know the person stalking them. But some stalkers fantasize or harbor grudges against public figures or celebrities they’ve never personally met.

Types of Cyber Stalkers

Cyber stalkers present mental health issues that vary from irrational anger to psychosis. They range from people who are angry ex-partners who feel rejected to more seriously disturbed people that are compulsive, vengeful, or delusional. The motivation behind these crimes is to restrain, intimidate or influence the sufferer. The harmful effects of cyber stalking most commonly include severe emotional distress and harm to your reputation. In serious cases physical, sexual, and fatal assaults have been reported.

Preventive Measures

The following security guidelines are designed to help you prevent cyber stalking by carefully protecting your personal information.

Keep antivirus software updated.
Use strong passwords.
Never put personal photographs, account profiles or email addresses online.
Do not download unknown e-mail attachments.
Don’t sign into accounts when using public Wi-Fi networks.
Never reveal your house address.
Privatize any online calendars or itineraries.
Delete or password the details of any events you plan to attend.
Managing Cyber Stalking
Inform the person that additional contact undesirable will be reported to police.
Following this first warning, stop all responding to that individual.
Record the time, location, and details of unwanted contacts or events.
Scan and clean your computer thoroughly for malicious software.
Change all passwords.
Block unwanted calls/ internet contacts.
Change telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.
Inform family, close friends, and employers.
File a police report with documented details of this cyber stalking.

Equality For All People

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Due to these incorrect impressions, a group of people called feminists have emerged, only making women appear poorer than they seem. Regardless of how developed a country might appear, gender equality always lacks. A particular species must always seem dominant to another, but this should not be the case. The species negatively affected by this sis the female species. People will constantly bring up facts to support that guys are over women and that gender equality can not exist.

In many case scenarios,¬†Grant Valkaria Rat Removal the statement “You are a girl”, when mentioned is usually in a negative extent. In our current immediate society, it’s usually said to express limitations, expectations and dictations of what is and isn’t to be achieved by a female or also as an insult. Our capabilities and abilities are never fully reached as a result of the pride of a man. Even though great countries are often known as a “she”, society appears to make a continuous effort to prevent her from flourishing.

In previous years a great deal of expectations and restrictions were placed on the female species. Females were deprived of so many essential thing, it was believed that their principal function was to get married. Ranging from not having an education to not having a say in matters that concern them, the female species has been highly maltreated. In fact, it was seen as strange if a husband did not “discipline” his wife by inflicting physical pain on her.

Our society claims that maltreatment of women no longer exists and that girls are seeking to be over men. Despite the technological advancements we claimed to have attained, traces of this can nevertheless be found in our homes. Women are still seen as inferior beings who are not meant to have a voice. Women aren’t yet considered a deserved. We’re regarded as weak and our bodies as continuous objects of speculation to guys for ridicule often mistaken for glorification. We’re always told what we can or cannot do by people who tell us to locate ourselves the man who’ll treat us like the queen that we are, our mothers. We are also given to these guys against our will in exchange for flimsy bride prices. This is probably because of the messed up mentalities they have been forced to have by their own mothers.

The fight for equality begins with the ones looking for this equality, the girls. They should fight not only verbally but should also have the courage to prove their worth when give a opportunity. Women should not allow others to dictate their lives for them. Everyone should endeavor to keep up with our world today, and recognize the area of a woman isn’t tin the kitchen. Parents should make sure their daughters are married to men who will continue to cherish what they formed. We can only do this by teaching our children gender equality from a tender age. Or else we may end up ruining a master piece who was just trying to master peace.

How Can You Tell If It’s Real Or Fake News?

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Today, to an apparently, far greater degree, than at any time, in recent memory, of American politics, policy, and Mims Raccoon Removal¬†direction, we are frequently, seeing, person, political leaders, on the so – called, right and/ or left, articulate positions, which seem to be based, more on rhetoric, and/ or politics, than realistic, reality – based, items. How often have we witnessed, a politician, claim, any message, which contradicts, possibly their position (or them, personally), is, Fake News? Wouldn’t our nation, be, much better served, if there was more truth, as opposed to rhetoric and/ or bluster, and real FACTS, became, both, a necessity of holding elected office? With that in mind, this guide will try to briefly identify, discuss, and consider, using the mnemonic approach, why we ought to demand this basic level of ethics, from those, we select.

1. False; future; supply; fruition: Just because one retains a certain, political perspective or position, doesn’t make it reality, and, any opposing position, fake! President Donald Trump, always claims anything, which disagrees with him, is fake! Although he has, based on political fact – checkers, lied, normally, 6 times every day, and repeats the same statements, even when they’ve been reputed continuously, his core supporters seem to think anything he asserts. How can that benefit America’s future, and furnish, the level of ideas, to bring, relevant ideas, to fruition?

2. Attention; agenda: While every politician, has some type of schedule, we want, and deserve leaders, who pay attention, to consequences, etc, as opposed to their political agenda and self – interests! What good does it do, to assert, everything else, is fake, when, especially, in this President’s tenure, he articulates, constant misstatements, etc?

3. Character; imaginative; charges; mention: Donald Trump has, to a far larger degree, than we have ever observed, repeated the same accusations, and so on, or changed his story, to fulfill his populist agenda! We need leaders, together with the character, to seek creative approaches, and the common good! Statements made, without veracity, and any attempt to mention true truth, is harmful, in a public official!

4. Timely: Constantly, blaming and complaining, often dwells on the past, as opposed to seeking workable, well – regarded, timely actions! We need solutions, rather than rhetoric and populist promises!

5. We need solutions, based on quality service, to all Americans, as opposed to bluster!

Do not fall into the trap, of, possibly claiming, something, is real, or face FACTS, but rather, seek workable solutions, which consider ramifications and alternatives. If we are to make American greater, it requires, more than slogans and/ or rhetoric, but demanding, realistic, well – considered solutions!